"There’s nothing like art in major cites. It makes it feel great. We love it!"
2 gentlemen commenting on newly-painted Newcastle Brown Ale Mural in San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

"I cannot imagine a better piece of artwork for San Diego."
“Katrina”, Floyd’s Barber Shop hairstylist, downtown San Diego, commenting on Alaska Airlines Mural

"I go to the architecture school just down the street, and we love seeing these murals! We love that you guys started doing this. It’s cool to see changing artwork, it’s kind of like a living façade…it brings life and energy to downtown. We love what it gives to the city! We (fellow architecture students) were talking about how we’d like to see more of this in other parts of the city."
Stephen Cornelius, San Diego Starbucks Barista and NewSchool of Architecture and Design Student

"I was drawn to this place because of the good energy you guys instilled in it."
Calvin Hong, self-described “aspiring film maker and photographer” at mural site chosen as photo-shoot venue

"We love watching the murals being painted. We sit customers at the tables closest to the murals because it’s good for business - they like looking at them."
Owner, Lotus Thai Restaurant, downtown San Diego

"I just returned from San Diego and wanted to thank for a job well done on the wall! Several members of my team and I were able to see the wall both day and night, and it looked fantastic and very well illuminated! We were also fortunate enough to see user-submitted pictures on Facebook from fans that spotted the wall before the Comic-Con Convention even began, evidence that it was effective in catching the attention of many passers-by."
Luke Icenhower, Square Enix, Inc.

"I am offering my enthusiastic support for the placement of clever, artistic renderings on the exterior of [the property]… I have spent a great deal of time traveling around the country and in Europe. In places such as Philadelphia, Washington, Seattle where the building stock is much older than in the Gaslamp, paintings, murals, local themes, and other such curiosities are treasured neighborhood features… It is a choice that the City must see as a positive and enriching new feature to the area... The choice is: layered concrete, featureless and uninteresting or, boldly underline San Diego’s well considered, inspired move forward – an easy decision should you ask me."
ArchitectureArt Landlord

"We get people coming by all day and night, taking pictures. We get tons of positive comments. Every time I come out to the parking lot someone else is taking a picture, posing in front of the mural. You did a great job and the community loves this thing. Thank you so much."
Paul McHugh, Property Manager, ArchitectureArt Mural Site